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5 surprising things you’ve never associated with femininity

On March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day, which was even declared a public holiday in Berlin in 2019. Many refer to it as the “Women’s Struggle Day” or “Day of the Feminists”. But what does it mean for us? And what does it mean for you?

TWGE wants to demonstrate that masculine and feminine structures often overlap and that we often discover feminine attributes in places where we don’t expect them. This may be because we simply haven’t looked closely enough.

It is no secret that female symbols are often concealed. Unlike male genitals, female ones are more internal. But is that a reason to have to search for them forever and ever?

Church & Religion


Where are the women? Have you ever wondered why women are so underrepresented in matters of religion and church?

We show you how you can discover more femininity on your next visit to church. For example, the mitre, a priestly head covering, goes back to the fish god “Dagon”. According to legend, he threw himself into the water of the womb to be reborn. That’s reason enough for the high priests to wear a fish-like robe and a hat resembling a fish’s mouth (today’s mitre).

Other typically feminine symbols are – contrary to what one might think – the moon (while the sun represents masculinity) as well as the single depiction of sun rays. Straight rays symbolize masculinity, while curved ones are said to symbolize femininity.

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Size and phallus? When you think of famous buildings, male symbols like the Eiffel Tower and cathedrals with huge towers probably come to mind first.

Less well-known is that famous architectural works can also have feminine attributes.

Why not visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna and look for the symbol of femininity on the façade above the main entrance? Hint: there is also one depicting masculinity.

If you are now looking to search for vulvas and phalluses, you will find some excursion ideas here.

Eve is the origin of all life


It is well known that the origin of all life is female. From the seventh week on, it is decided for the embryo whether enough male hormones are added to form male genitalia or not.

Have you ever thought about whether reproduction is possible without the involvement of a man? In the animal kingdom, there is evidence that females can also reproduce on their own. This was observed, for example, in condors (large vultures) at a zoo in San Diego. This phenomenon, also called parthenogenesis, is also present in chickens, lizards, and sharks. It is believed that it occurs for the preservation of endangered species.

So, the next time you visit a zoo, think about this amazing quirk of nature.

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Forget about it being just for boys! Little girls wear pink, and boys wear light blue. Right? Unfortunately, no.

Until the 1940s, when the so-called “Blaumax” (blue overalls) became famous in working-class circles, blue was considered the color of the Virgin Mary and noble girls. Blue was then seen as delicate and graceful, while pink made boys look more determined and stronger.

Next time you take a look at a stroller or go shopping for a baby, think about the history of colors and their meanings.


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Coco Chanel’s Legacy


You probably know that fashion designer Coco Chanel became famous for inventing the “Little Black Dress” cocktail dress. But did you know that she also created the pajama for women?

Until the 18th century, nightwear for both genders was a simple, long nightgown. Men were the first to begin decorating their nightwear with lace and ruffles. Only members of royal households and nobility were allowed to wear pajamas back then.

The next time you shop for a “little black dress”, why not also look for a stylish home pajama – because it has revolutionized the fashion world just as much as Chanel’s sexy evening dress.

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“Female primal power is an energy that arises from the deepest connection to ourselves and nature, empowering us to act creatively, intuitively and autonomously, and to assert ourselves against external influences.” – Unknown

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